Absentee Application and Ballot Mailing

Phoenix Graphics enhances ballot printing and absentee mailing capabilities

Ordering and printing absentee ballots is now more efficient and cost effective, with Phoenix Graphic’s new high-tech automated system and patented software — offering never-before-achieved speed, security, accuracy, and trackability­, with automatic verification of sent and received ballots.

The new trackable absentee-mailing system increases speed, accuracy, security, and trackability

Benefits of Phoenix’s new system

  • Never-before-achieved speed, security, accuracy, and trackability­ – with automatic verification of sent and received ballots.
  • With 9 additional early voting days per election, keep ahead of staff overtime and extra costs.
  • The ELECTrack automated system from Phoenix Graphics makes absentee ballot ordering more efficient and cost effective.

Our production plant will produce material on the most up-to-date technology digital print as well as a range of offset presses available to service your campaign needs (including direct mailing). If you require a Union Label, we will add it to your material at no additional cost.

Please allow us the opportunity to contribute to a successful campaign. Quotes may be obtained by e-mailing estimate@phoenix-graphics.com or connect with our online estimate portal. You can also call (585) 232 – 4040 or 1-800-262-3202 to speak directly to one of our helpful customer service individuals.

We hope to hear from you soon!