Vibrant Colors, Crisp Text

Digital Output Quality that Surpasses Offset


NexPress SX3900 Specifications

  • 5-color digital press with the highest quality possible

  • Faster set-up than offset, with up to 7,860 high quality 8.5 x 14” images per hour

  • Clearer, cleaner prints, better screening options, and unprecedented color matching

  • Finished sizes ranging from 7.86 x 11.25” to 14 x 36”

  • Dimensional color finishes in satin, high-gloss, matte, UV, laminate (you can actually feel the raised image!)

  • 4-color process PLUS 5th-color options such as gold, neon, pearlescent, photo-lab-quality black and many more.

  • Prints on various substrates from all types of regular paper to plastic, static cling and magnetic material

If you’d like to see a sample packet or learn more about the advantages we can provide through variable data and/or digital printing, e-mail or call us at 1-800-262-3202.

Digital printing technology has come a long way over the years, but Phoenix Graphics has kept up the pace with the Kodak NexPress SX3900. We can print with a quality that rivals offset, yet still maintain the tight schedules afforded only to digital. Using a state-of-the-art color matching system we can quickly and accurately reproduce your color.

Have a more personalized product, or need variable data? Do you have a Direct Mail Campaign or want to utilize the benefits of one? We can provide you with everything you need - from design to print to fulfillment. Going digital, we can do all of this with no extra printing costs!

We are not limited to small quantities either. We can still print larger runs on offset like we always have, but with our black & white digital presses we can imprint variable data on thousands of pages in lightning fast time.

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