Direct Mail Campaigns

We’ve got you … the Phoenix Graphics team is dedicated to making the direct-mail process easy. From design to printing and mailing, we do it all.


Direct mail is on the rise in popularity. Recent stats show that 92% of young shoppers prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, as reported by Alliance Business Service.

Targeted direct mail enables businesses to reach customers where they live. At a time where instant communication and overflowing email boxes seem to be the norm, your target customers are still checking their physical mailboxes each and every day.

It has been proven there is still a place for direct mailers and high-quality communication with your targeted group of customers.

 Direct mail doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or confusing. Whether you are preparing your very first direct mailer or trying to make your existing direct-mail strategy more efficient and less costly, it is important to understand how the direct-mail process works. We’ll walk you through it and do all the work for you — from start to finish.

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Target your customers

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Choose the right product

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Select your dates

Deliver your Message

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Measure your results