Sign in to the Customer Portal

Click on the link we emailed to you to connect to the Portal. Log into the Phoenix Customers Portal by entering your account name and password (if you have one - "none" means leave the password blank) we emailed to you. Click Sign In.


You will see the login screen with your Company Profile. It will look similar to the image below.


If you have an election already created it will show up in the box at the bottom of the page as well as an active job. If you do not need to create a new election, click on "PRODUCTION FORM". See Section below how to Enter Quantities in Production Form.

If you would just like to get an estimate without creating an election you can click on "Get Estimate". See Section below how to Get an Estimate and View Previous Estimates.


Create a New Election 

Begin selecting/creating a new election by clicking the Select/Create New Election popover button. 
The popover will open requesting information about the election such as date and districts. Choose a date already in our database or create a new one. Check the "Activate" box for the district(s) in the election. A new button will become available for "CREATE". Click when you are ready.


You will be promted for the delivery of your Election Day ballots. If your Board of Elections is completely handling your election then you may have the ballots shipped to them, otherwise select "My Office".


Once the election is created, a success dialog will appear similar to shown below.


Enter Quantities in Production Form

Once the election is selected/created, click the Production Form button to enter quantities for each product required in your order. You can also select the type of ballot such as non-scannable, scannable, stubbed as well as modify (if desired) the information that will be printed on the stub.


You can modify your stub information if you wish; the preview will reflect any modifications. When the stub looks correct, click the checkbox in the highlighted text below to approve. Note that when you have approved your stub it can no longer be modified.
If you require absentee ballots, select the type of ballot and enter quantities desired. Note: At this time there is no method in the Customer Portal to enter election contest information. If we are creating any of your ballots and you need to get this information to us, please send via email with reference to the election.

Delivery Address, Previous Order Info & Upload Ballot File

Many of our customers have asked for the option to change the delivery address, view their previous order information and upload their ballot file. We have implemented those option into the portal and are now available on the upper section of your production form page:

  • Clicking on the "Delivery Address" will give you the option to change where the LIVE ballots (and other materials) will deliver. Note ALL test ballots are shipped to your County Board of Elections

  • Clicking on the "Previous Order Info" will pop up a window showing the quanties you ordered for the last election we printed your materials.

  • Clicking on the "Upload Ballot file" will give you the option to browse for your ballot file and upload into our system. Note that while you can upload just about any file here, the expected file is your final Election Day Ballot PDF.

Getting an Estimate

You may not need to create your election yet, but want to get your costs ready for your budget ahead of time. To make this easier for our customers, we have added the option to get an estimate directly from the Customer Portal. Once you click on the "Get Estimate" button you will see a page similar to below:

  • Select an item from the Product dropdown list and enter a desired Quantity to update the Price and Total Estimate fields. 

  • Click the Trash Can icon to remove the associated item from the estimate. 

  • Click Add Product to create a new line for an additional product in the estimate.

  • Click Return to go back to your Company Profile page. The estimate is automatically saved and marked with the current date and time.

  • Your estimate is stored in your account. To revisit your previous estimates, click on the "Estimate List" button. Note: the page similar to above will only show after you have already created an estimate by "Get Estimate"

  • Click the View button to show the details of the associated estimate which then can be saved in PDF format.