Bindery/Finishing Operator

Position Summary:  

The primary role is to be a versatile bindery utility operator.  You will report directly to the Production Supervisor.  Flexibility and Versatility are key requirements. The Bindery Operator will work on multiple jobs using multiple machines throughout the day.  Training on the job will be provided but basic mechanical skills are necessary.

Job Description:

  • Operate or learn to operate the following equipment:

    • Folders

    • Guillotine Cutters

    • Perforator/Slitters

    • Shrink-wrappers

    • EMT finishing equipment

  • Track all work/ time and enter it correctly into MIS system.  

  • Maintain a neat and orderly work area

  • Maintain responsibility for any necessary preventative maintenance on equipment as trained

  • Assist in doing any necessary handwork, packing, binding, expediting as part of the overall Phoenix Graphics production team approach to “getting the job done”

Required Skills/Experience:

  • Mechanical skills required

  • Excellent organizational skills and multi-tasking

  • Aptitude to understand technology, Hardware, Software

  • Excellent verbal and listening communication skills

  • Able to commit to and adhere to project deadlines

  • The ability to handle change and responsibly accept new methods of doing things

Work Hours:

  • Typical hours are 8:30am-5pm Monday-Friday

  • 30-minute lunch break and 2 15-minute breaks

  • Employee could be asked to work overtime which includes hours after 5pm and weekends.

To send in a resume, or for further inquiry email: